Carlson Construction Services

Carlson Construction is known for unique, one-of-a-kind homes in the resort area of southwestern Michigan and northwestern Indiana. Gray Carlson's construction expertise focuses on building homes in a way that adds to the character and charm of the area's unique beach communities. One of the firm's special areas of expertise is building in the delicate dunes while preserving as much of the natural countour, native trees and plants as possible.

Arden Carlson complements Gray's construction skills with years of experience in the design kitchen and bath design process, listening to the homeowners' wishes and delivering creations beyond expectations.

Carlson Construction listens carefully to its clients and knows that every detail, no matter how small, contributes to the overall beauty and smooth functioning of the finished project. The firm has developed a reputation for skilled craftsmanship.

Each home we build is with a homeowner in mind. We only buy materials from local, reputable suppliers. We demand that they give us the best service, quality and price, so we can build that value into our homes. We build less than 10 homes a year, which allows us to take the extra time and effort it requires to build a home that we, and our homeowners, will be proud of.

Our Steps:

You are invited to take a few minutes to review Carlson Construction's portfolio, read what satisfied clients have to say and then contact Gray or Arden to learn more